Get Anything Delivered in your City within Minutes

Ordering things from any place never been easier
with Mandobk. Just type whatever you have
in mind to order, send and receive inside your city,
and get it delivered in minutes.

Why is it special ?

Simple order process

Whatever you have in mind it will be delivered for you in the city

Mandobk with you anywhere

Send or receive anything from or to your location

Quick delivery

Your order will be delivered on same time

About us

Mandobk is a technology platform that connects customers with service providers that we call them Mandobk Our app will make it easier to get anything you want in your city and get it delivered to your door in under an hour.

Awesome Features

Customer,shop and driver profiles

Easily see your current role profile and make changes profile any time from app.

Easily swtich role

You can easily switch your role to customer, driver and shop anytime and anywhere from only one app.

Search nearest shop

We can find all the shop near of you.

Easily place order

You can place order in withing 1 minute and track order.

Timely delivery

Customer get delivery on estimed time without delay.

Live support

If you have any query than you can live chat with mandobk support and get fast answere from support.

App Screenshots